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Be an Active Champion

  • Our business model is one that engages corporations (such as the NBA, Golden State Warriors, Samsonite luggage company, Papyrus, etc.) securing their contributions/donations of services and/or products helping us to enhance our events & experiences.


  • Monetary contributions / donations support our work enabling us - for example - to secure 10-15 items that go into each age-appropriate backpack, to secure the nutritional items that go into the nutritional packs, to have the funds to secure the suite we use for the listed events 12 months a year.


 Checkmark  Here are ways you can be a champion helping to uplift the spirit of a child with cancer:

  • Share the Nicholas Colby Fund®  story with employers, colleagues, friends, and family toward gaining their sponsorship and financial support of the work we call Helping Children Be Children®;  
    Click here for our Background Handout

  • And share the Testimonials by Event/Experience from patients and their family.
    Click here for a Recap of Testimonials

  • Help us identify, develop, and hold local fundraisers.

  • Help us secure grant makers to support our work enabling us to expand to other NBA cities because each of their arenas is where all the events/experiences we deliver 12 months a year have appearances...thereby allowing us to work with the children's hospitals in those areas toward the work of Helping Children Be Children®.

  • And ideas that may not be in the forefront of our minds that could help people become connected to uplifting of spirits The Nicholas Colby Fund® generates.


Thanks for thinking toward what "help" looks like.  We sure hope this information sparks ideas, your continued interest, and you championing and / or leading ideas to help us make a difference in world of children oncology.

How to Help

We welcome you to volunteer and/or be a sponsor in our efforts toward Helping Children Be Children®. This can be accomplished in any way that you feel comfortable, whether it is volunteering your time or special talents, offering valuable contacts, or becoming a sponsor of one of our events/experiences. For example, maybe you or one of your groups want to sponsor the Nutritional Packs or Backpacks and we would gladly recognize you or your group through our work.


Browsing through this website you will see love through caring, sharing, and giving that is generating smiles on the faces of children whose lives have changed forever because of a cancer, a degenerating condition, or other life-threatening illness. And you will find stories of some of the people and organizations that have already helped us to generate smiles.

Please complete the Donation Form below or email us at

This picture represents a relationship we established with the Oakland Ice Arena and a young ice skating team of performers. The collaboration sent patients and their families to Holiday "Magic" On Ice performances, followed by a gift giving session that included fun & educational toys provided by LeapFrog International and Games Unlimited who sponsored this experience via their donated gifts.

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