Acknowledgments (first set of comments from patients, their parents, and hospital staff - and they continue)

Initial TestimonialI can not even begin to thank you for helping my child receive a gift he has been waiting for at least 3 years... I feel blessed that you were able to help him achieve this wish...

He loves his new puppy and she goes everywhere with my son Kris and she (Sweat Pea) seems to know how special she is to Kris and just spends so much time just laying down next to him... It has given Kris another reason to fight this Leukemia...and also someone to talk to when mom just won't do... Thank you and everyone who helped to make this happen... I can not thank you enough...

God Bless you... Julie Laureno

Note: Although the flyer shows stuffed dogs, Sweat Pea is a real dog not on the flyer.

Initial TestimonialJust want to thank both of you for such a wonderful night. Spencer and his buddy had a ball. I wish you could have seen their faces when Thunder came in! It was a pleasure to meet you - your strength is a great inspiration to me.

The pictures of Nicholas are absolutely beautiful, his angelic little face makes me smile. I regret not meeting him, but am learning all about what a wonder he was on your website. Thank you again for making my son smile!

Heidi, Dan, and Spencer Perry (Stanford-Lucile Packard Children's Hospital)

Initial TestimonialThis little boy, Dino, had a wish to just go to Nickelodeon's Spirit of Halloween event at Great America.  That was his wish, for him and his family.

Social Worker from Stanford-Lucile Packard Children's Hospital

Initial TestimonialThese tickets went so quickly!

One family in particular cried when they received them. They used the tickets as a celebration of their daughter leaving the hospital after three months. She is a huge High School Musical fan, and the timing could not have been better.

Thank you so much for continuing to be such a great friend to the Children's Hospital.
UCSF Children's Hospital Child Life Department

Initial Testimonial"The snack packs, by the way, have been a great success and have provided a much needed snack to many of our families. As you know, many of our patients come to the ICU unexpectedly. These snack bags really help to keep our families nourished until their child becomes more stable, and they can allow themselves to pull away from the bedside."

Children's Hospital Oakland Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Social Worker

Initial TestimonialDear Lamont and Sheila-

On behalf of LPCH and the CHEERS program, we would like to thank you both and the Nicholas Colby Fund for such a fun night out on Saturday. The kids LOVED the first class treatment, the winning game, the snacks, the visit from the mascot Thunder and being able to just be themselves, KIDS! Thank you, thank you!!

It was also a treat to spend the evening with you both and talk about and celebrate the life of my friend Nikko who I miss so much. He was everywhere that night : )
Kristen Beckler, Stanford-Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Child Life

Initial TestimonialHello its Chanelle, I just wanted to say thanks again for the computer its been really helpful for me in college. I really appreciate you guys because I would have never been able to afford my own computer or printer. Anyway I just wanted to say thank you once again and let you know that I'm doing good in college and taking care of the computer.
Chanelle (from Children's Hospital Oakland)

Initial TestimonialHi, my name is Alicia, I go to Dialysis in UCSF in San Francisco, I would like to thank you for the wonderful Disney on Ice tickets and the Parking Pass you gave us. I can't wait until this Sunday when i get to get go with my family. I've been looking forward to it all week, so i just wanted to say thank you for making it possible for me and my family to go.

Sincerely yours,

Initial TestimonialHello Gilbert Family:

I just wanted to send a very belated thank you for the fantastic goodie basket for New Year's Eve that you brought to Children's. The kids had a blast with the hats and poppers, and they loved the sparkling cider with the "champagne" glasses! Your generosity towards the kids on 5 South is amazing, and such a wonderful way to honor Nicholas's spirit of giving. Thanks again!

Children's Hospital Oakland Nurse Michelle

Initial Testimonial(Young male patient we sent to the circus with other patients) "got so distracted by the show that he forgot his pain and forgot to go the bathroom"..."he got lost in the fantasy of the evening and all of the pain disappeared."

When I told her your motto she said, "Well, they obtained their objective!"
Children's Hospital Oakland Social Worker (comments from a patient's mother)